Suunto 5 Lightweight and Compact GPS Sports Watch with 24/7 Activity Tracking and Wrist-Based Heart Rate


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The perfect watch for athletes who love a challenge

Compactness and battery life

Are you the kind of person that takes every chance to jump into nature? You’re no stranger to running, cycling, swimming, hiking and going to the gym? Then your watch needs to be functional, compact, lightweight and versatile. Suunto’s engineers have designed this watch to offer you just that, combining all the features of its predecessors, resulting in something unique and special.

Suunto 5 combines exceptional battery life and compact design without sacrificing its numerous multisport functions that will guide you and track you through your workouts, always at your own pace.

Sleep and stress monitoring

Sleep and rest are extremely important for athletes’ well-being and performance. Suunto aims to help you reach your maximum with 24/7 activity monitoring (sleep and stress included).

Conquer new territories

SUUNTO was founded in Finland in 1936 by inventor Tuomas Vohlonen. Ever since then, Suunto has been at the forefront of innovation in sports watches and dive computers, all tested in the world’s most hostile environmental conditions. From the highest peaks to the deepest oceans, Suunto physically and mentally equips adventurers to conquer new territories. Suunto trains with you, for you.

Suunto 5 in a nutshell: Extra-compact, GPS, multisport watch with heart rate measurement for more than 80 sports and outdoor activities

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Smart battery use with charging alert
  • Adaptive training
  • Activity, stress and rest monitoring
  • Heart rate measurement
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Water-resistant up to 50m
  • Suitable for over 80 disciplines





Long Battery Life

With its different battery modes, Suunto 5 adapts to your needs and lets you know when its time to recharge! Two battery modes, ranging from 20 to 40 hours:

Performance: 20 hours, information about your records and optimal GPS tracking possible

Endurance: 40 hours, good GPS tracking, perfect for long distances and multiple workouts.

Wrist Heart Rate Measurement

Suunto 5 uses optical heart rate measurement technology developed by Valencell.

The watch’s optical heart rate sensor has LEDs that emit light onto the skin of the wrist. The light shone onto the wrist is dispersed by the blood flow, which the sensor detects. This is because the light is dispersed in predictable patterns depending on the dynamics of the blood flow such as a change in heart rate or blood volume (cardiac output).

Adaptive Training

Suunto 5 has three different training plan settings. Depending on your goals, you can maintain your current fitness level, make gradual improvements or follow an intensive programme. To do this, Suunto 5 creates a 7-day training plan. During your training sessions, it will guide you to achieve the optimal intensity and duration for each workout. If you miss a workout or work out for longer than planned, the training plan automatically adjusts. This will help you achieve each goal, one step at a time.

Sleep Tracking

No matter how perfect your workout is, without enough sleep and rest, you won’t progress. The Suunto 5 watch monitors your sleep to ensure a good balance between stress and recovery. This allows you to assess the duration and quality of your sleep. The sleep summary is stored for seven days. The watch also measures the recovery phases during the day to ensure that you have enough energy to start your workouts.





Made in Finland

Its robust, durable design is made from the highest-quality materials to meet the needs of all athletes and will withstand anything that comes its way.

Designed, manufactured and tested in Finland! Tested with several thousand hours of use in the most extreme conditions by Suunto’s team of internal testers and athletes around the world, this watch is a reliable piece of kit to accompany you on all your adventures!

At home, at the office, or on the trail, there is no need to worry about your watch.


Plan your adventures or find the best-loved routes with the Suunto app and follow them directly on your watch!

Mobile Connectivity

The Suunto app is a major innovation that gives you great tips for your workouts and keeps you motivated!

#monitor your daily workouts

#plan your routes

#show your maps

#share memorable moments, goals and achievements with your friends on social networks

Software Update

Update your Suunto 5 in 3 easy steps:

1. Download and install Suuntolink: After the download, install the software by double clicking the downloaded file.

2. Connect your watch to your computer with the USB cable provided. SuuntoLink opens automatically when the watch has been connected.

3. Connect to the SUUNTO APP: Connect to your Movescount account or sign up if you don´t have an account yet. After connecting to the Sunnto app, SuuntoLink transfers your Moves and keeps your watch software up to date.

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Crystal Material Mineral Glass Mineral Glass Sapphire Glass Mineral Glass Mineral Glass Sapphire Glass
Weight 66g 72g 81g 36g 70g 73g
Battery Life Up to 40h 25-120h (GPS activated) 25-120h (GPS activated) Up to 30h (GPS activated) Up to 10h (GPS activated) 18h (GPS activated)
Activity Monitoring
Water-Resistant Up to 50M Up to 100M Up to 100M Up to 30M Up to 100M Up to 100M
Display Colour Colour Touchscreen Colour Touchscreen Colour Colour Touchscreen Colour Touchscreen
Sleep Monitoring
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